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Forager's Buddy is an application for android smart phones, designed to help users mark on the map (Using the GPS module) all remarkable places and secret spots, where they can find various kinds of wild food resources.

You can use this application as a reference in various outdoor activities like: wild herbs / mushroom gathering, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your app show data from the crowd? I.e. others' foraged finds. Or is it just a personal record?

A: It is just a personal record. All data are stored in a local database, in the device. No one has access to your spot, please read our Privacy policy on Google Play.

Q: While this is a great idea, I must admit that the requested permissions are cause for hesitance. Can you explain the reasons and under what circumstances each permission would be required?

A: Permissions Explanation:
  1. Contacts/Phone/SMS - For the feature "Emergency Call/SMS" (Optional Feature). Users can select a contact to call or to send a SMS in case of an emergency situation (it sends also user's last known location and battery status of the device)
  2. Location - For obvious reasons :)
  3. Storage - To store exported files like: spots (.kml, .csv), routes (.kml) and photos
Q: How can I contribute to the project?

A: There are many ways you can contribute to Forager's Buddy:
Q: Is the App available for iOS?

A: Not yet.

Q: Can I use Excel to edit the exported .CSV files?

A: Not yet. If you want to edit a .csv file, please use a text editor (like notepad++). Just be careful, because the text in the fields: Item, Notes, URL and Favorites must be enclosed in double quotation marks ( "like this" ).

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